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December in Poland

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Places to visit in Poland

Go south to Zakopane for Goralskie culture and mountain scenery.

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Skiing and snow

Sleigh rides complete with jingle bells are still a reality in Poland in the winter. Fur coats and rugs are sold in the shops and markets.

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Taxis, buses, trains and planes for Cracow.

Polish folk culture

polish folk culture

A real treat awaits any tourist who ventures beyond the Cracow. There are glimpses of folk culture in Cracow but step into many places in the south of Poland and it's like stepping into another world.

It is immediately evident that Poles adore wood and things made from wood. Rooms in houses have that cosy feel that is intrinsic to pine.

Traditions still count in Poland and there is a strong folk culture.

Traditional songs are still sung at weddings, in pubs and restaurants and when people get together. Poles have a place in their hearts for flowers, mushrooms, gnomes and fairytale elements. Floral decorations appear on the Polish traditional costumes, on crockery, on cushions - even cottages in the village of Zalipie are painted with a new set of floral friezes every year.

Performances of traditional Polish folk dances are staged in Poland and around the world. The music is cheerful, the dancer's costumes colourful and lifts the spirits. Young children continue to learn their national folk dances and children's performances take place in theatres and at folk festivals around Poland.

Polish folk culture

There is a strong fairytale element to Poland, even Cracow has Krok the fire breathing dragon guarding its castle on Wawel hill. Visit the castle ruins on the north side of Lake Czorsztyn and you will see a gaggle of witches.

The craftsmen in the Wieliczka salt mines carved a scene that featured various gnomes at work underground. The love of fairytales is in the Polish psyche and somehow intermingled with folk culture.

Polish painting on glass often depicts mythical figures from folk culture, such as Janosik - a Polish version of Robin Hood, the Polish eagle, dragons and gnomes galore. These characters are also woven into tapestries, carved in wood and painted.

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