Cracow Christmas Market

December in Poland

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Places to visit in Poland

Go south to Zakopane for Goralskie culture and mountain scenery.

ski holidays in poland

Skiing and snow

Sleigh rides complete with jingle bells are still a reality in Poland in the winter. Fur coats and rugs are sold in the shops and markets.

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Travel Guide

The various ways of getting to Cracow and around Cracow.

Cracow Bed and Breakfast or Pension

cracow bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast accommodation in Cracow is often in pensions. These are hotel like establishments which are generally a little cheaper than a hotel although sometimes there is little if any noticeable difference.

Pensions may be smaller and family run. Bedrooms are possibly a little more basic than in an hotel. Many offer three meals a day and can be very good.

The cheapest form of bed and breakfast is in private homes where only a room or two is available for guests. This kind of accommodation is very much pot luck, there will be a limited choice of food for breakfast and you could find that there is no choice, you simply eat with the family.

The advantage of this type of accommodation if you're not too fussy is that you get first-hand experience of a genuine Polish family and their home. More of this type of accommodation exists outside Cracow. Look out for signs for noclegi although most signs will display at least zimmer, pokoje or rooms to appeal to the main languages of tourists visiting Cracow and Poland.