Cracow Christmas Market

December in Poland

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Places to visit in Poland

Go south to Zakopane for Goralskie culture and mountain scenery.

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Skiing and snow

Sleigh rides complete with jingle bells are still a reality in Poland in the winter. Fur coats and rugs are sold in the shops and markets.

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The various ways of getting to Cracow and around Cracow.

Christmas Decorations at Cracow Christmas Market

polish sweets at Cracow Christmas Market

One thing can be guaranteed when buying Christmas decorations at Cracow Christmas market is that you can buy something in Poland that will not be found in the shops in countries outside Poland.

There are lots of unusual items to decorate your mantelpiece or house.

There is a wide price range for these, the more expensive end will be for table arrangements and glass baubles which are all hand-made.

There are enough angels to populate the heavens, entire fields of toadstools, stars, feathered birds and bells to hang on Christmas trees and Polish woven natural straw decorations.

Twinkling fairy lights

Polish strings of lights are much cheaper than the British version; both outdoor and indoor are sold. The Poles create superb effects with strings of fairy lights, walk around Cracow and be inspired. The restaurants tend to have the prettiest Christmas displays.

shopping for Christmas decorations at Cracow Christmas Market