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Go south to Zakopane for Goralskie culture and mountain scenery.

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Sleigh rides complete with jingle bells are still a reality in Poland in the winter. Fur coats and rugs are sold in the shops and markets.

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Christmas baubles

christmas baubles

Polish Christmas baubles are arguably the most beautiful glass baubles in the world. Each one is hand painted. For decades, when the rest of the world produced simply round baubles, Polish craftsmen made baubles in different shapes and themes.

Toadstools with red spotted tops always featured on a Polish Christmas tree - the Poles have a national fondness for mushrooms and toadstools. They are also sentimental about gnomes which also feature in children's fairy tales and since much of what we do at Christmas is for the children, many of the decorations are made to appeal to them. Hence, so not be surprised at baubles in the shape of cars, snowmen, clowns and the latest Disney characters.

christmas baubles packed in boxes for transporting homeThere are also the more sophisticated and classic designs that are more likely to appeal to adults. You will see long tree toppers with spheres that resemble orthodox church towers, ornate baubles, baubles with religious or rural scenes and embellished glass baubles.

There are even baubles painted with Polish emblems such as the white eagle, Polish flag and colours, specially for ex-patriot Poles who would like to take something back home with them to remind them of their homeland.

One thing is for certain, you won't see the baubles you buy at Cracow Christmas Market on sale at your local supermarket or on your neighbour's Christmas tree.

Some years at the Christmas Market, it is possible to buy a bauble and have a message hand-painted on it to send to friends and relatives instead of a Christmas card. Your bauble will be a permanent reminder instead of being discarded after Christmas.

Glass baubles are fragile and to help you get them home safely, the shopkeepers will pack them in a cardboard or even a wooden box for the larger ones.

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